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In a case cited by Duges, the tumour so pressed upon the vagina as to determine the inflammatory adhesion of its internal surface, and consequent obliteration (?) of course, this latter accident, and even the uterine displacements we have enumerated, interfere sufficiently with the functions of generation so as in many cases. IPA: /fisə/, [ˈfisə]. Noun[edit]. fisse c (singular definite fissen, plural indefinite fisser). (vulgar) pussy (vagina); (uncountable, vulgar, neuter gender) pussy (sexual intercourse with a woman). Jeg skal ha' mig noget fisse i aften. I intend to get some pussy this evening. Usage notes[edit]. Some speakers prefer kusse for the. yet — she goes so far as to have a vagina growing in her mouth. The dreamer sees 'some remarkable curly structures which were evidently modelled on the turbinal bones of the nose', which bring back to him the analogy between the nose and the female sex that his friend Fliess has established. Some sort of dullness.

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Dr Edward J Tilt Cancer Cells in the Urine Mr Balman. On Encephaloid Disease Charles Kidd. On the Method for Making the Incision for the Exposure. On the Treatment of Tetanus. She is a widely read novelist and has collaborated with thinkers such as Hélène Cixous and Julia Kristeva. What people are saying  -   Write a review.

saltem idem gramen, ad ma'rginem piscinae medi?G prtípe ;KlfcinTÌeherí magna copia legi. Singulare in hac planta est. quod panicula, se- knihe ùd maturitatem aceedente, totain sese in vagina supremi folii abscondat, fine dubio ne folîiculi, una cum Va. $48 DE LÀ CHENAL, Iter, cujus sumptu*: largiri offers; lubentis-. VOIE VAGINALE Fig. Échographie vaginale, coupe longitudinale, stérilet visible prolongé par le fil Fig. Coupe frontale, stérilet en place La voie vaginale est de toute façon impérative, elle seule précisant les rapports avec la muqueuse. Devant des algies récentes, une pose difficile, des phénomènes hémorragiques. #fisse. Top Definition. kusse. vaginal intrance, also known as "yoni", "cunt" a.o.. My dick is hard, let me enter your kusse. #yoni #cunt #pussy #fisse #køn. by Aslak December 01, 26 Mug icon. Buy a kusse mug! 2. Narfisse. Danish for a vagina that fools people, it fools people all the the time by seeming like a...

On the Treatment of Cases of the Syphilitic Lepra. Remarks fri fisse vaginaer Cancer Dr P Redfern. Traumatic Tetanus Cured by simple Local Treatment. Does a woman who is both a socialist and analysand necessarily hear such questions more clearly and answer søger kvinde sex uden følelser differently? Being an analysis of the British and foreign medical journals and transactions; or, a selection of the latest discoveries and most practical observations in the practice of medicine, surgery, and the collateral sciences, for the past year, made chiefly with reference to the treatment of disease. Dr Edward J Tilt Case of Fistula in Ano Prof Syme How has the attentive ear of the analyst become deaf to questions about the social and political meaning of his or her work? On the Pathological States of the Lung Connected.

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  • Fri fisse vaginaer
  • Fri fisse vaginaer
  • Fri fisse vaginaer
  • The weary sons of Freud Catherine Clément Snippet view - Dr R B Todd.

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On the Treatment of Periostitis. Dr P Redfern T. Auscultatory Signs of Pulmonary Consumption con. On the Treatment of Tetanus.